"Paul is a lovely writer. She uses descriptions that are brief and tightly written, yet full of importance. " - The Record

Marianne Paul is a Canadian novelist and poet. Her books are published throughBookLand Press, Canadaand includeTending Memory, Twice in a Blue MoonandDead Girl Diaries, as well as a poetry collection,Above and Below the Waterline.

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Marianne's short stories have appeared in various publications and are available in the collectionBecoming Animal.

A kayaker and "water person," Marianne's nature writing can be read through her companion website, The Literary Kayak.


Tending Memory is absolutely exquisite in its lyricism and story, and truly one of the best novels that I have read in years. An extraordinary accomplishment."~Mickey Turnbull-Coughlin

"The writing is stunning.Tending Memoryis definitely a poet's novel. There are lines which leap out at me. This will be a book I return to and there have not been many of those."~Nancy Morrey

"Tending Memory is a touching and insightful book about love, loss, and life's journey. Ms Paul has crafted a mysterious story of relationships, memories and how history defines our identity. Her writing style flows like water pulling the reader downstream to the final conclusion." ~ Anne Ramsay

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