Becoming Animal Sixteen Stories


ISBN 978-0-9689350-4-0

Sixteen stories, sixteen unique characters.

Cat, a Buddhist pacifist, is scratched by a baby cougar, unleashing her animal instinct. Will she sacrifice her pacifist's beliefs for killer revenge?Granny gathers her friends for a festive exorcism of the demon bird that flies right through her living room wall, or is it simply a bat?Fred meets Alice on the bus to heaven, while Joannah wakes into a future where both death and religion are obsolete. Will cryonics cheat her of an afterlife, or is death really nothingness? Marilyn dreams her world, and her desires rise to the surface, while Richard falls prey to his "rescue-complex," but does everyone need rescuing?

Stories that make you think, stories that make you smile. Award-winning stories from an award-winning writer.

Marianne Paul 2012